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Terms of Use

About this Website

This website is administered and operated by Kuriyama Holdings Corporation ("Kuriyama"). This website's content and URL are subject to change or deletion without prior notice. These terms of use are subject to change without prior notice. In the event that these terms of use are changed, usage of this website will be governed by the terms as they exist after the change. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
In the event that you wish to include content from this website in magazines, books, advertisements or other published material; wish to copy content from this website onto a CD-ROM or other storage media; or have an inquiry about the content on this website, please first contact Kuriyama via the CONTACT FORM.
Kuriyama makes no guarantees about the documentation or other content contained on this server. In the unlikely event that the documentation on this server contains errors, Kuriyama assumes no responsibility. In addition, please be aware that any and all items displayed within the documentation on this server are subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice.

Handling of Copyrighted Material on This Website

Unless otherwise stated, the copyright for all information, company logos, trademarks, videos, pictures and other content displayed on this website belongs to Kuriyama. Handling and usage of copyrighted materials shall be governed by the following.

  • 1.Personal usage, including displaying, copying, printing, etc., copyrighted material is permitted, so long as this material is not made available for third-party viewing, utilized for commercial purposes or changed or otherwise altered. In addition, regardless of whether or not the usage constitutes personal usage, no copyright-related notices or markings may be removed from materials.
  • 2.If you wish to reuse, copy or redistribute copyrighted material beyond the scope of personal usage stipulated above, you must submit a written request in advance to Kuriyama and receive official permission. However, no usage of copyrighted material which may confuse or mislead users will be permitted.

Linking to This Website

Prior approval from Kuriyama is required in order to link to this website. Please contact Kuriyama via the Inquiry page to request approval in advance. Kuriyama bears no responsibility for the content of any third-party websites which link to this website or to which this website links. Under no circumstances will link approval be given for the following websites.

  • 1.Websites which denigrate or harm the reputation of, or are likely to denigrate or harm the reputation of, Kuriyama or Kuriyama business, services, etc.
  • 2.Websites which contain content contrary to public order or morality
  • 3.Websites which display illegal content, have been involved with illegal activities or which may have been involved with illegal activities
  • 4.Websites which use frames or some other method that obscures the fact that the given content is Kuriyama's
  • 5.Websites for which the administrator and operator are unknown; are run by entities which obfuscate their identity, such as with a handle name; which are operated by proxy entities; etc.

Please be aware that granting approval to link to this website does not preclude the possibility of Kuriyama later requesting deletion of said link.

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In some instances, this website uses JavaScript, CSS, Cookies, etc., to deliver data. Disabling these functions will not prevent you from using this website; however, it may hinder the display of data or the usability of some pages.