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Contributing to a healthier society with ultra-high performance sports apparel and dust control and hygiene-related products

We represent Montura, an Italia's sports apparel brand. We also sell a variety of dust control-related products. Through these businesses we are improving the health and quality of life in our society.

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MONTURA is the perfect partner for everyone who loves the thrill and challenge of sports

Sports Apparel Business

MONTURA was established in Italy in 1998 as a mountain climbing apparel brand.
The brand has since expanded across the entire sports spectrum.
In Japan, the established mountain climbing line distributed by Kuriyama Group has been joined by athletic wear for trail runners, sports climbers and other athletes, as well as outdoor apparel, golf wear and other specially branded clothing sold in outlets and EC.

MONTURA Absolute comfort

Superior cutting and sewing technology is used to produce the ultimate in form-fitting yet free-moving clothing designs. Every piece of clothing that MONTURA creates is designed with realistic human motion in mind and is made from carefully selected, purpose-specific materials.

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Alpine / Trekking

MONTURA is a top climbing apparel brand with a large and loyal following among alpinists. This is thanks to clothing designs that rely on a wealth of collected data which ensure that they have the functionality required for climbing even the most rugged of mountains.


This high quality clothing continues to evolve each year based on the input of mountain athletes. (Trail running / climbing / biking)


This practical, simple and sophisticated clothing is perfect for weekend outings and daily wear.


Figure skater MAO ASADA Born September 25, 1990, in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

As a sixth-grader at the 2002 Japan Figure Skating Championships, she became the world's first woman to land three consecutive triple jumps, attracting global attention.
She's a three-time gold medalist of the World Championships, three-time gold medalist of the Four Continents Championships, four-time gold medalist of the Grand Prix Final and six-time gold medalist of the Japan Figure Skating Championships.
In 2010, she won the silver medal at the Vancouver Olympics.
At the Sochi Olympics in 2014, she gave a performance in her free skating routine that captivated audiences around the world. At the World Championships held in March of that year, she won the gold medal for the third time, the most by any Japanese figure skater.
In 2017, she announced her retirement from competitive skating.
From 2018, she held a nationwide ice skating show called "Mao Asada Thanks Tour" to express her appreciation to fans.
Over a period of three years, the show was held a total of 202 times across 50 venues.
In September 2022, she began a national tour for her second ice show, "BEYOND," which she both produced and performed in, and put on 103 performances over ten months until July 2023. A skating rink named after her is scheduled to open in Tachikawa City, Tokyo in November 2024.

Aiming to be a solutions company for Japan
in the dust control business

Dust Control-Related
Product Distribution Business

Following a corporate renaming in 2021, Kuriyama Pulizia Corporation is Kuriyama Group's dust control-focused subsidiary. Among other things, it handles the planning and sales of environmental products (mats) containing environmentally-friendly, plant-based resins and hygiene management-related products (mats and mops) containing antibacterial materials. Currently, the company is focused on developing anti-viral products (mats) demanded by the market.

"Pulizia" is an Italian word meaning "cleaning," which is the essence and aim of this company. Kuriyama Pulizia is working to develop its product planning and proposal capacity to meet the various challenges facing society in recent years and, thereby, contributeto a prosperous future where everyone can shine and grow together.

Rental Mats

Doormats are an indispensable product essential for keeping dust, dirt and moisture from getting indoors, such on the bottoms of shoes. The mats provided by Kuriyama Pulizia are produced in Japan, making active use of either eco-friendly, plant-derived fibers or recycled nylon fibers, while the reverse side of the mat is made using NBR rubber, which provides outstanding oil-resistance.

Ocean Mats
This doormat reduces environmental burden through the innovative use of polytrimethylene terephthalate (PPT fiber), a high-performance, plant-derived resin fiber which was developed using biotechnology and which reduces dependence on fossil fuels.
Antibacterial Mats
These antibacterial mats bear the label of SEK certification. They undergo an antibacterial processing which limits the ability of microbes to propagate at the fiber level.

Rental Mops

The rental mops offered by Kuriyama Pulizia are made from raw cotton fibers which undergo a reactive dyeing process to turn them yellow or navy blue, thus greatly reducing the need for overdyeing. In addition, these are the only rental mops in Japan that are also SEK-certified antibacterial mops.

Reactive Dye Mops
These reactive dye mops undergo the same dyeing process used with jeans, thus ensuring they do not easily fade with washing, have a greatly reduced need for overdyeing and can be manufactured at much lower cost.
Oil-Free Antibacterial Mops
These antibacterial mops have obtained the SEK certification label (red) from the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council, which means they can be used with confidence in medical facilities, nursing care facilities, supermarkets and elsewhere.

Hygiene-Related Products and Water Purifiers

Kuriyama Pulizia handles a full range of hygiene management products, including basic hand cleaning products like hand soaps and hand sanitizers, and disinfecting alcohols essential to hygiene management. It also promote water purifiers that ensure customers can have safe and delicious drinking water anywhere.

Hygiene-Related Products
Among the products offered by Kuriyama Pulizia are alcohol-based sanitizers that are incredibly gentle on your hands while still being effective at eliminating food poisoning-related bacteria and viruses, as well as disinfecting alcohols which use food additive ingredients essential to hygiene management.
Water Purifiers
Customers can rent coconut shell activated carbon and hollow-fiber membrane filter water purifiers available in a range of varieties, including small, tap-mounted devices.


Kuriyama Pulizia's commitment to ensuring clean and pleasant interiors in buildings, offices and homes includes a range of products that extends beyond rental doormats and mops.

Kuriyama Pulizia's kitchen sponge lineup runs the entire gamut of applications, including household kitchen sponges, commercial-grade restaurant sponges and even novelty sponges.
Original Aromatics
Kuriyama Pulizia offers special, gel-based aromatics. These aromatics stand up well to heat, neither liquefying nor solidifying, and will reliably disperse their scent over the course of four weeks. The range of available fragrances and aromas makes them suited to not just restrooms but any number of locations, such as store and office entrances.