Strengthening Development of Environmentally-Friendly Products

Utilizing new materials and better manufacturing technology to facilitate the development of environmentally-friendly products

Manufacturing and selling NSF (USA) certified, people-friendly beverage hoses, suction/discharge hoses

Our US and Canadian subsidiary group manufactures and sells hoses made from NSF-certified materials.
NSF certification is an international certification issued by NSF International, a third-party public safety and health certification authority, and it is sought for drinking water-related materials to demonstrate that these materials have passed rigorous, internationally reliable inspection standards pertaining to such factors as safety, purity, and neutral flavor and smell in transported goods.

Kuriyama Group offers a product lineup for drinking water, juice, carbonated beverage delivery and much more; among these is a new product, the TigerAquaTM hose series manufactured by US Group subsidiary Kuriyama of America Inc., which is used to deliver drinking water to remote residential areas, oil and gas production sites, military bases and other such remote locations, as well as a bypass hose when municipal water lines are being repaired. It is also attracting a great deal of interest from the beverage manufacturing industry due to this industry's need for the highest levels of safety and purity. The TigerAquaTM hose series also uses no wires, which is a strong selling point due to the fact that this eliminates the risk of rust contamination as hoses become worn.
Kuriyama Group is capitalizing on the proprietary technology which it has cultivated over many years to help it become the No. 1 total, industrial hose manufacturer, in terms of quality and safety, as well as to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society by helping more people access safe drinking water.

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