Cultivating Human Resources Diversity

Emphasizing human rights and cultivating diversity in the workplace to help "build a society where everyone can shine"

Reform of work practices at KURIYAMA (promoting diversity and women's participation)


We pursue reform of work practices that is focused on the 6S; seiri (sort), seiton (set in order), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize), shitsuke (sustain), and smile, which includes all employees.

Early Biz

We ensure that employees leave at their scheduled time each day, and we even make it possible for employees to leave thirty minutes early each day.

Commuting Biz

We offer staggered working hours to all employees at our Head Office, Shin-Osaka Regional Office, Tokyo Regional Office and Yokohama Sales & Contracting Office, as well as all employees who live with and are the primary caretakers of children who are grade three elementary school students or younger. Employees can choose a time on the hour or half-hour to arrive at work between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

Lunch Biz

In order to avoid lunchtime congestion, employees are allowed to take their 45 minute lunch break any time between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Dress Biz

Employees are able to wear whatever is most comfortable and suitable for the season, location, duty, industry, trading partner and other TPO (time, place and occasion) of their job.

2×4 Special Incentive Leave

In addition to annual holidays, employees are encouraged to take at least two days of paid leave every quarter.


We promote greater autonomy in work style and, towards that end, have introduced a telecommuting system to give employees greater freedom in adapting their work style to their lifestyle.

Supporting employees via a welfare and benefits system, and promoting workplace diversity

Introduction of a scholarship system

Kuriyama has introduced a system whereby the company will subsidize repayment of some conditional scholarships which require recent graduates to repay them upon finding employment.
*Maximum subsidy: Up to half of the total amount or 3 million yen (whichever is smaller) over ten years (120 months) from when a recent graduate joins the company

Support for childbirth and childcare, and promotion of women's participation

A system has been introduced which makes it possible for employees to receive reduced work hours if they are caring for preschool age children (legally defined as children under the age of three). Kuriyama also supports women's health by providing up to 10,000 yen to subsidize annual breast cancer examinations and up to 5,000 yen to subsidize annual cervical cancer examinations. *For employees and spouses aged 25 years and above.
In addition, we are pursuing a number of initiatives aimed at creating a corporate climate which promotes women's participation in the workplace.

Promoting diversity

At Kuriyama, we promote diversity in order to foster greater mutual respect among employees with different personal and professional backgrounds and to ensure that each employee is utilized to his or her full potential. We are striving harder to ensure we have a globalized workforce with which to pursue ever more globalized business.

Other support initiatives for employees

  • Partial coverage of stipulated correspondence course costs and congratulatory money upon successful course completion to encourage employees to pursue higher level accreditation
  • Introduction of pathways to contract/full-time employment for temporary employees, as well as ensuring equal pay for equal labor
  • Adaptation to a 'super-aged' society by introducing the "Iki-Iki Plan" to enable reemployment up to age 70
  • Installation of a compliance hotline to help in eliminating all workplace harassment
  • Annual review of business continuity planning (BCP) and establishment of measures to minimize damage from risks and prioritize employee safety
Related SDGs

Promoting global management through local recruitment and development of executive officers outside of Japan

We are working on local recruitment and long-term development of executive officers from outside of Japan. Also, in order to strengthen compliance and governance within the context of promoting global management, we have established a system for temporary placement overseas of members from the Head Office in order to support executive officers outside of Japan.

Related SDGs