IR Policy

1.Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Kuriyama Holdings Corporation ("Kuriyama Holdings"), in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and the "Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information by Issuers of Listed Securities" ("Rules on Timely Disclosure") established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, shall disclose to shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders, in a fair, timely and appropriate manner, all information which would affect investment decisions.

2.Criteria for Information Disclosure

Kuriyama Holdings shall treat as important, and perform timely and appropriate disclosure of, all information which is deemed, according to the provisions of Article 2 of the Rules on Timely Disclosure, to be information which would affect the investment decisions of shareholders and investors. Information which does not meet the literal criteria of the Rules on Timely Disclosure but which would be considered within the scope of their intent is also disclosed on the Kuriyama Holdings website and elsewhere in a timely and appropriate manner.

3.Method of Information Disclosure

Disclosure of information which meets the criteria of the Rules on Timely Disclosure is, in line with said Rules, carried out on the timely disclosure communication system (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, after having secured prior approval to do so from the same. Information released on TDnet is also promptly published on the Kuriyama Holdings website. In addition, in order to ensure as many shareholders and investors as possible are able to access and understand the information, a variety of media are utilized to communicate it, including corporate briefing sessions and various publications.


Amongst the information disclosed by Kuriyama Holdings may be forecasts; however, any figures contained in these forecasts have been arrived at based on information available at the time of disclosure which may contain uncertainties. Changing business conditions and other factors may cause the actual performance results to differ from what was forecast. Thus, you should not completely rely upon these forecasts as the basis for evaluating the performance and corporate value of Kuriyama Holdings.

5.Establishment of a Silent Period

In order to prevent financial accounts information from leaking, as well as to preserve fair access to information, Kuriyama Holdings maintains a period of silence which extends from the day after the date of financial settlement to the date of announcement of financial results. We will not answer questions nor comment about our financial accounts during this period. However, we will issue press releases as necessary during this period if warranted by circumstances which are likely to cause significant deviation from forecast results.

6.Handling of Inside Information

As part of our efforts to prevent information leakage and insider trading, Kuriyama Holdings has established various policies, including "Rules on the Management of Inside Information" and "Rules on the Prevention of Insider Trading," with which we ensure all executives and employees are thoroughly familiar.


When searching for information about Kuriyama Holdings, please refer to the separately published Disclaimers in addition to the policies described here.