Global business that builds a more sustainable society

Kuriyama Group is busy developing a diversified business portfolio as a global hose manufacturer based in North America, Europe and South America, a Tier1 supplier for construction and agricultural manufacturers in Japan, a comprehensive flooring materials manufacturer for commercial, sporting and other facilities, and a distributor of sports apparel. In all of our business, we seek to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society and, ultimately, realization of a prosperous future where everyone shines and grows together.

Pursuing diversified business that makes us the "one and only" in each industry


Kuriyama Japan Corporation, which serves as the Core Operating Company of our Asian business, works together in close cooperation with 8 subsidiaries and affiliates to diversified business. In industrial products, construction and sports flooring materials, sports apparel and other business areas, we cultivate our own, unique business segments in which we offer improvement and innovation in technology and quality.


An industrial hose manufacturer that delivers a one-stop shopping experience

North & Central America

We offer a broad range of industrial hoses and couplings. With manufacturing and sales facilities as well as warehouses across North and Central America, we supply hoses to a variety of industries through an approach to service that integrates manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

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A layflat hose manufacturer working to globalize our operations in partnership with our North and Central American business

Europe & South America

We are expanding sales of rubber and urethane layflat hoses, manufactured and supplied in Spain and Argentina, into the larger European and South and North American markets.

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