For Kuriyama Group, compliance is one of the most essential priorities we have for our business, and this includes not only legal and regulatory compliance but also compliance with social norms and ethics to ensure the honesty, integrity and transparency of our corporate activity.
To learn more about our approach to corporate governance, as well as to read our corporate governance reports, please visit our "Corporate Governance" page.

Kuriyama Group Code of Conduct

Kuriyama Group has instituted the "Kuriyama Group Corporate Code of Conduct" to give executives and employees within Kuriyama Corporation and Kuriyama Group companies a standard for conduct that will facilitate our ability to meet customer needs and contribute to society.

Levels of Conduct Compliance with Social Norms

Compliance Code

We have created the "Compliance Code" to help with building, maintaining and improving compliance structures, and we appoint compliance administrators who oversee daily compliance, as well as work to improve all employees' awareness and understanding of compliance.
In addition, we have set up a whistle-blowing system which allows employees to directly report any conduct which violates, or which may violate, the Compliance Code. This system is designed to protect the anonymity of those submitting reports and to shield them from any negative repercussions.
When the situation calls for it, such as in important matters of law and taxes, the opinions of lawyers, certified tax accountants and other outside specialists will be sought and appropriate, careful action will be taken, based on their recommendations and guidance.