Message from the CEO

Striving to be a corporate group that grasps the needs of its customers and contributes to building a sustainable society

Ever since our founding in 1939 under the trade name of Kuriyama Rubber Company, rubber and plastics have been at the center of our product and business development. We expanded into North America in the 1960's, and ever after we have continued growing our business globally in Central and South America, Asia, and Europe.

In 2004, we achieved our long-held goal of being listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in 2012, we shifted to a holding company structure under Kuriyama Holdings Corporation. Today, Kuriyama Holdings pursues overseas business in the four countries of Japan, USA, Canada and the Netherlands, and this business is overseen by four core operating companies, under whom are 13 subsidiaries and 8 affiliated companies comprising the rest of Kuriyama Group. In Japan, Kuriyama Japan Corporation is our Asian core operating company, and it pursues diversified business as (1) a Tier1 supplier for construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers, (2) a comprehensive manufacturer of commercial and sports facility flooring materials, and (3) a distributor of sports apparel.

Meanwhile, our three core operating companies overseas - Kuriyama of America Inc., Kuriyama Canada Inc. and Kuriyama Europe Cooperatief U.A. - are rapidly developing Kuriyama's global market presence as an industrial hose manufacturer known for the extensive range and high quality of its products.

In the more than 80 years since our founding, Kuriyama Group has sought to earn society's trust by following management philosophies that emphazise being -

  • 1.A company that unceasingly develops based on customer's trust
  • 2.A company that builds a prosperous lifestyle for employees and is loved by them and their families
  • 3.A company that always seeks innovation of products and technologies

Amidst the severe environmental and social disruptions of recent years, such as accompanied the sudden emergence of COVID-19 and the alarming rise in abnormal weather, these three tenets of Kuriyama Group's management philosophies are communicated and shared among all Group employees as we continue to grow and develop into a corporate group helping to build a more sustainable society.

Your unfailing support and encouragement are truly appreciated by all of us.

Hironobu Nose President and Chief Executive Officer