Climate Change and Air Pollution Initiatives

Addressing the challenges of global warming and decarbonization via business-driven initiatives helping to mitigate the impact of climate change and air pollution

Battling air pollution through better exhaust emission control with the Urea SCR System

One of our flagship environmental products, urea SCR systems, contain technology to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel engine exhaust. We are developing and selling these systems to customers including manufacturers of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and automobiles.

Our contribution to improving clean energy technology goes beyond our urea SCR system-related products to include the development and sale of biofuel-compatible products and next-generation environmentally-friendly engine products, as well as the sale of products which meet environmental needs in such areas as EV manufacturing.

Furthermore, as a Tier1 supplier for agricultural machinery manufacturers, we offer products with outstanding safety and serviceability, guaranteed by our thorough quality assurance, which contribute to the widespread adoption and qualitative improvement of agricultural machinery, thereby helping to ensure a more stable and secure food supply on a global scale.

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