Europe & South America

A layflat hose manufacturer working to globalize our operations in partnership with our North and Central American business

We are expanding sales of rubber and urethane layflat hoses, manufactured and supplied in Spain and Argentina, into the larger European and South and North American markets.

Rubber and urethane layflat hose products with premium quality and durability

Kuriyama's European business is built mainly on manufacturing and sales of hoses for specific industries, such as mining, shale gas and oil, and firefighting. In addition to that, we are penetrating further into the agricultural, water-related, and defense industries.

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Agricultural Hoses

These hoses for use with agricultural machinery offer terrific abrasion resistance.

Oil and Gas Hoses

These outstandingly durable, large-diameter hoses are used for long-distance water transfer in the mining, shale oil and gas industries.

Oroflex Well
Well Riser Hoses

These hoses were developed for groundwater pumping applications. They achieve significantly greater work efficiency than conventional pipes.

Emergency System Hoses

These large-volume hoses are designed for use in emergency response situations at nuclear power plants, oil storage bases, etc.

Firefighting Hoses

These high-performance firefighting hoses have demonstrated great ability to combat forest fires and other large-scale fires.

Blue Devil
Firefighting Nozzles

These high-performance firefighting nozzles have gained tremendous trust from professional firefighters all over the world.