Message from the CEO

Management Policy怀Message from the CEO

Kuriyama Holdings began from a rubber wholesaling business founded by Yoshio Kuriyama in 1939. As the company grew, Ohji Rubber & Chemicals and Kuriyama Research & Development were established in Japan as a rubber manufacturer and research and development hub, respectively, helping to turn us into a comprehensive manufacturer and distributor of industrial-use rubber products. At the same time, we began expanding the scope of our business, entering into the overseas building materials and sports flooring export markets in the 1950s.

The scope of our business as a comprehensive manufacturer and distributor of industrial-use rubber products was expanded even further with the establishment of Kuriyama of America, Inc., in 1968. We have since grown to become one of the top industrial-use hose brands in North America.
Currently, throughout the Kuriyama Group, we are innovative trend-setters developing unique products in every area of business that we are involved. In Japan, we acquired Kuriyama supplier and urea quality sensor manufacturer SUN-A Corporation in 2015, which contributed to a greater presence among construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers as Kuriyama customers and facilitated the development of exhaust emissions regulations-compliant products. In 2015, we also acquired the TIPSA Group, which represents a top layflat hose product brand overseas, and secured manufacturing facilities in Spain and Argentina. Currently, we are focused on achieving maximum synergy with our industrial-use hose business in North America.

We are also pursuing an expansion in business driven by surging demand for stadium and arena flooring materials, including for Japan's New National Stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics (scheduled for 2021).

In 2020, the entire world was rocked by COVID-19. Thanks to international cooperation, however, we are slowly but surely stemming the virus spread and making progress in developing therapeutic agents and vaccines. But we need not accept infectious disease or damaging abnormal weather and natural disasters on a global scale as inevitable.
For us, helping the world overcome the circumstances in which it now finds itself represents a rare opportunity for Kuriyama Group to refashion itself as a sustainable corporate group, bringing to bear more than 80 years of Group history and wisdom in pursuing a basic policy and business strategy, outlined below, that will achieve another 50 years of continued growth and development in a post-COVID world.

Hironobu Nose President and Chief Executive Officer

Basic Policy

  1. Capitalize on the value of employee diversity to facilitate community-based global business
  2. Draw upon "Kuriyama Value" to achieve industry-defining innovation
  3. Ensure that corporate behavior takes into consideration environmental concerns and the needs of all stakeholders

Global Business Strategy

  1. Establish a position as a global Tier 1 supplier of construction and agricultural machinery.
  2. Become the No. 1 brand in total, industrial hose manufacturing, in terms of quality and safety
  3. Contribute to the development of each country's national economy by pursuing local production for local sale and consumption

Domestic Business Strategy

  1. Become the No. 1 brand of comprehensive flooring materials for sports and commercial facilities that integrated with universal design.
  2. Contribute to a healthier society through expanded sales of MONTURA sports apparel
  3. Conduct business and sales support activities from KCJ to each group company.