Management Policy

Corporate Vision VISION

Striving to be a company that grasps the needs of its customers
and contributes to building a sustainable society 
Towards a prosperous future where everyone can shine and grow together

Basic Policy

  1. Capitalize on the value of employee diversity to facilitate community-based global business
  2. Draw upon "Kuriyama Value" to achieve industry-defining innovation
  3. Ensure that corporate behavior takes into consideration environmental concerns and the needs of all stakeholders

Global Business Strategy

  1. Become established as global Tier1 supplier for Japanese construction and agricultural machinery
  2. Become the No. 1 brand in total, industrial hose manufacturing, in terms of quality and safety
  3. Contribute to the development of each country's national economy by pursuing local production for local sale and consumption

Domestic Business Strategy

  1. As a comprehensive flooring materials manufacturer, become the No. 1 brand for commercial facilities, sports facilities, etc.
  2. Contribute to a healthier society through expanded sales of MONTURA sports apparel
  3. Strengthen KCJ support for Group company operational and sales activities