ESG Initiatives

ESG Initiatives

Kuriyama Group has identified key challenges connected with the social issues highlighted by ESG and the SDGs and has instituted quantifiable KPI and targets for meeting these challenges.

E - Environmental

Related SDGs Key Challenges KPI
Simultaneously pursue environmental conservation and business management in a way which reflects the needs of all stakeholders. Use business activities to provide environmentally-responsible products and services. Promote waste reduction and recycling - particularly of industrial waste - and facilitate the efficient utilization of natural resources. Address climate change throughout the entire value chain and contribute to the development of a more sustainable society.
  • Reduction in energy usage
  • Reduction in gasoline usage
  • Transition to paperless operations (reduction in copier paper)
  • Reduction in public water supply usage
  • Green procurement (percentage)

S - Social

Related SDGs Key Challenges KPI
Achieve industry-defining innovation through the constant product and technology innovation essential to "Kuriyama Value." Reflect customer feedback, and work to ensure thorough quality control.
  • Investigation and reporting of conflict minerals and substances of concern
Recognize that employees are the lifeblood of Kuriyama Group, and support their growth and development as part of a company that builds a prosperous lifestyle for employees and is loved by them and their families. Emphasize fundamental human rights, recognize and promote workplace diversity and help build a society where everyone can shine.
  • Overtime per-person
  • Number of female managers
Contribute to the development of each country's national economy by pursuing local production for local sale and consumption. Work with different organizations and groups to develop and provide products, services, etc., that help prevent/mitigate damage from natural disasters. Cultivate stakeholders' trust in Kuriyama by utilizing the value which comes from having a diverse workforce to facilitate community-based social contribution activities and sports promotion.
  • Amount of donation expenditures (Japan Blind Marathon Association)
  • Sports promotion sponsorship/funding

G - Governance

Related SDGs Key Challenges KPI
Establish a management structure capable of quickly and accurately adapting to changes in the business environment, and cultivate systems, structures and frameworks conducive to sound and highly transparent business management.
  • Number of global meetings