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Code Number 3355
Information on the website regarding current plans, strategies and beliefs and other statements of Kuriyama Holdings Corporation with the exception of historical facts are based on future management's projections, and these projectons contain risks and uncertain factors. Please note that actual results could differ from these projections because of a number of unknown and uncontrollable factors.
president Toshiyuki Ashida
Corporate Policy

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To Our Shareholders

Kuriyama group of companies is comprised of 22 subsidiaries including 17 overseas companies and 9 affiliates including 6 overseas ones.

Kuriyama group specializes mainly in the manufacturing, sales and application of rubber and plastic components for corporate customers. Our domestic operations is based on the integrated and specialized trading businesses of material supply and construction work. Our North America's operations concentrate on the integrated hose business of manufacturing and sales. As described above, we have international operations with a global view.

With the rapid globalization, it has been increasingly important to strengthen our group network and distribute group resources in a proper fashion in addition to business expansion by the group growth based on over 80 years of experience in business and over 50-year operation in North America. Kuriyama introduced a holding company structure on October 1, 2012 to face these challenges.

The group has built stable and continuous business relationships with mainly large corporate customers. We also undertake diversified sales of a variety of products and optional functions of design and application. Such features enable us to achieve a stable management in quick response to changes in the economic and business circumstances. We will strive for further growth, under a holding company structure, by making flexible and dynamic management decisions and reinforcing regional operating structure.

We intend to contribute to our shareholders and the society by improving a revenue for our future growth and development, with the implementation of effective and timely measures to cope with customers' need and market changes.

We truly appreciate kind understanding and continued support from our shareholders.