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Code Number 3355
Information on the website regarding current plans, strategies and beliefs and other statements of Kuriyama Holdings Corporation with the exception of historical facts are based on future management's projections, and these projectons contain risks and uncertain factors. Please note that actual results could differ from these projections because of a number of unknown and uncontrollable factors.


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About Us

When was Kuriyama Corporation established? a
Kuriyama Corporation, Kuriyama Holdings Corporation's forerunner, was established in 1940.
Please refer to "History" page in "About Us" category for more details.
Please tell us your corporate management policy. a
Please check Corporate Policy pages in "About US" & "Investor Relations" categories.

Financial Information, Business Result

What is the company’s fiscal year-end? a
The fiscal year ends December 31.
The company releases consolidated financial results every quarter.
When is the next announcement of financial information? a
Please check "IR Calendar" page in "Investor Relations" category.
How can I find the company's historical business performances? a
Please check "Financial Highlights" page in "Investor Relations" category.

Stock Information

What is the company's stock code? a
What are the trading units of your stock? a
One hundred shares.
How can I get the stock price trend? a
Please go to "Stock Quotes" page in "Investor Relations" category.
When are the dates of record for dividends? a
The interim dividend is paid to shareholders of record on June 30 and the year-end dividend is paid to shareholders of record on December 31.
Please check "Dividends" page in "Stock Information"category for historical dividends data.
Does Kuriyama offer shareholder special benefit program? a

Other Questions

How can I reach you for general questions or request for printed materials? a
Please go to "Contact Us" pageand fill out the inquiry form.