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Code Number 3355
Information on the website regarding current plans, strategies and beliefs and other statements of Kuriyama Holdings Corporation with the exception of historical facts are based on future management's projections, and these projectons contain risks and uncertain factors. Please note that actual results could differ from these projections because of a number of unknown and uncontrollable factors.

Disclaimer Clause

Articles offered on our web site as information are intended to provide financial and management information about the Kuriyama Holdings Corporation and affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) for our shareholders and investors. We make no guarantees in any manner as to the accuracy of the content.

This web site may not disclose all the information of the Company and it may also be expressed differently from information disclosed through other means. Further, you are reminded that the content of this web site may be changed or discontinued without prior notification.

The Company has made every effort to ensure that the appropriate information has been provided on this web site. However, there are no guarantees whatsoever made as to the accuracy, usefulness or authenticity of the content of the information provided. Further, the Company will not be held responsible for any damage arising from the use or inability to use the information provided on this web site.

The plans, strategies and decisions of the Company provided on this web site, except those derived from actual historical events in the past, are expressions of future prospects. These have been prepared based on the information and hypothesis currently available to the management of the Company and may include various risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, the performance and records actually announced in the future may vary due to these and other variable factors.

Articles provided on this web site are offered as a means to help our users gain a better understanding of the financial and management information of the Company and are not prepared for the purpose of soliciting investments. We suggest that you make your own decision when actually making investments. The Company and providers of information assume no responsibility in any way for damages incurred from the information provided on this web site.

Material facts may be provided on this web site within twelve hours of the disclosure of such information (this is “prior” to the official announcement according to Article 30 of the Enforcement Order for Securities and Exchange Law). Persons acquiring information from this web site “prior” to the official announcement will be considered the primary recipient of information as stipulated by the Insider Trading Regulation. Please note that when such persons buy and sell stocks of the Company “prior” to the official announcement, it may infringe on the stipulations of the Securities and Exchange Law in violation of the Insider Trading Regulation.