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About Holding Structure

1. Purpose of Transition of HD Structure

(1)Flexible Strategy Planning & Optimum Distribution of Management Resources
KC Holdings concentrates on group strategy planning, overseeing group management on a group-wide basis, and allocation of resources within the group. The structure enable each group company to focus on business activity and be committed to operation.
(2)Reinforcement of Overall Group Management
Setting up regional headquarter (core company) in each country (the US, Canada, the Netherlands and Japan), and each president of the core company to oversee the group operating companies in the country.
(3)Maximizing Corporate Value as The Group
The HD structure should eliminate parent-subsidiary relationship and maintain an equal relationship among operating companies, and under the structure, the group is to set out business growth as a whole by having management meetings and planning global strategy.

2. Organization Chart of Kuriyama Group Capital Structure

structure image