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Kuriyama Group positions that the implement of compliance is one of the most important issues in corporate management, and we fundamentally adheres to ethical principles that go beyond compliance with a wide variety of laws and regulations. We are committed to undertake integrity and highly transparent business activities in accordance with social norm.

The Kuriyama Group's Behavioral Guidelines

Kuriyama Group pursues such corporate objective as “Trust by Customers and Meet their Trust”, and our group has established “Code of Conduct” as a fundamental behavioral guidelines. As to compliance with laws and regulations, in order to build, maintain and implement the compliance structure, the Company has established the 'Compliance Policy', appointed an administrator, taken considerable care to compliance on a day-to-day basis, and raised awareness of all employees. The Company has established 'whistle-blowing-system', to ensure ways which all employees are able to alert directly on an anonymous basis if he/she wishes when questions arise on compliance.

As to the important affairs related to laws and tax, the Company consults external specialists such as lawyer or tax accountant as necessary, and tries to respond appropriately and adequately on receiving the necessary advice and guidance.

The Behavior Level Adjusting Social Norms

Compliance Provision

Kuriyama Corporation has established “Compliance Provision” to maintain strict adherence to our compliance structure, which we are building in accordance with clearly defined policies. We assign managers who are at the forefront of our efforts to raise awareness of compliance in order to pay attention about compliance all the time, and we are making effort to promote all the employees’ sprit of compliance.
Regarding a possible compliance problem, the “Internal Whistle-Blower Protection System" was introduced to secure a way to report a potential problem directly, and reporters can pass the information along the chain of command. In addition, no negative repercussions will redound on the reporting employees due to report compliance problem.
Regarding a matter relating to important legal and tax purpose, we accommodate in a legal and appropriate manner, while receiving some advice and instruction from external specialists such as layers and licensed tax accountant and so on.