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Construction Materials

Construction Materials

Business Description: Delivery and application of wide varieties of materials for buildings including stations, public buildings in the private sector, etc.

Business Function: Plan and design, procurement (import), application, sales, and maintenance.

Main Products: Non-slip tile, plastic materials for pavement, safety equipment for visually Impaired people, design printed tile, ceramic tile (Super Stone) and ohers.

  • Super Materials

    Super Materials

    Kuriyama’s Super Materials is “Spatial creative tile collection” pursuing quality by corroborating with designers from all over the world, and it has created something new and interesting. We have also strived for a great cost performance to the products with the original know-how and the latest technology, and are willing to offer the products to all spatial creators and designers.
    → Click here for product details of "Super Materials”

  • Acetone


    Our "Acetone" series have been well accepted as a "non-slip" floor material for public spaces such as station terminal buildings for about quarter-century. We will put further efforts for developing safer and more comfortable items and technology as customers' value for public spaces are further diversifying nowadays.

  • Acetone

    The product is a practical and safe non-slip precast tile, and mainly used for parking areas, pedestrian walkways and ramps.
    →”Acetone” Page

  • Honeycomb Visor

    Honeycomb Visor

    Aluminum honeycomb panel is, taking advantage of its characteristic, a high rigidity and recyclable material despite of its thin and light features. We offer the products that make buildings and facilities look beautifully and clear, and that are suitable for a new urban creation.

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