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Industrial Supplies

Materials for Plant and Equipment

Business Description: Delivery and application of materials in such large-scale facilities or equipments as power plants, ships and chemical plants upon the introduction of our materials.

Business Function: Procurement (Import), Application, Sales (Export), and After-Sales Support.

Main Products: Rubber and Flake Lining, Rubber Expansion Joints, Flooring Materials of Ships and Water-Sealing Rubber.

  • Rubber and Flake Lining

    Rubber and Flake Lining

    Lining processes with rubber or resin for inside of pipes and tanks give them superior corrosion-resistance and are embraced by many power and chemical plants.

  • Rubber Expansion Joints

    Rubber Expansion Joints

    Our expansion joint is primarily used in the piping conjugation part to pass water, steam and gas. It is able to deal with core shift and irregular settlement. The products are widely used by power station, chemical complete sets of equipment factory, heavy industry and ship plant etc.

  • Non-Metal Expansion Joints

    Non-Metal Expansion Joints

    The expansion joint is used for flues and pipes at thermal power plants. It has a great flexibility provided by non-metal material, and can be produced with features of water-proof, oil-proof and weather-durability by using optimal materials.

  • Primary Deck Covering Materials (Type approved)

    Primary Deck Covering Materials (Type approved)

    It is used for various areas of accommodation deck, deck composition, carpeting space, etc. The use of the product has recently spread to places such as amusement facilities whose floors need abrasion durability or anti-slip feature.

  • Water-Sealing Rubber

    Water-Sealing Rubber

    It is used for flood control facilities such as water gate, harbor facilities and shipbuilding equipments. We deal with a variety of products by applications to meet customer needs.

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