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North America Business

Industrial Hoses for North America

Business Description: With more than 50 years of excellent achievements in the industry of industrial hoses, including rubber, plastic, and metal products in North America, we are ranked among the leading manufacturers and distributors in North America.

Business Function: Manufacturing, Sales (Domestic Sales and Export), Inventory Management, Distribution, Research and Development

Main Products: Bevarage Hose, Gasoline Drop Hose, Metal Hose, Sewer Hose, Hydraulic Hose,
General Water & Air Hose, Chemical Hose, Sheet Rubber, Couplings, Accessories, etc.

  • Beverage Hose

    Beverage Hose

    This is a specialized product by bundling a number of beverage hoses, that is certified by the largest beverage corporate group. The product is manufactured at ISO certified factory in Canada and is one of the most popular beverage hoses as its highly value-added superior quality product.

  • Gasoline Drop Hose

    Gasoline Drop Hose

    The hose is installed on tank truck and to be used for gasoline transfer. The polyurethane-made structure prevents leaking and cracking under severe conditions. Banding PVC coil assembled to the hose provides further resistance to abrasion and smoother surface.

  • Metal Hose

    Metal Hose

    This is a flexible metal hose suitable for severe conditions with high-temperature or needed abrasion-proof such as exhaust, chimney and dust applications. We provide with hoses made of various materials such as galvanized steel and stainless steel for different use. Our lineup includes hose-assembly with swivel joint, coupling or flange and square/rectangle large diameter hose.

  • Sewer Hose

    Sewer Hose

    The hose is a sophisticated and high quality hose made in the US for sewer cleaning, and its brand is highly valued. We cover various range of use pressures and conditions by using different material for inner tube. We also provide a specialized product with ultra slippery cover allows hose to maneuver around and through difficult sewer bends.

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