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Europe Business

New operations help boost our global expansion

Kuriyama Europe is one of the world's top manufacturers of rubber lay-flat hoses. With production and sales based in the Netherlands, Spain, and Argentina, Kuriyama Europe caters to customers in numerous industries around the world. Augmenting our North American production facilities with those in Spain and Argentina enabled us to expand into new territories in Europe and South America, etc. and further boost our global advance.

Industrial Hoses for Europe

  • Industrial hoses

    Industrial hoses

    Kuriyama Europe supplies durable rubber hoses to suit customers' needs in various industries such as irrigation, agriculture, mining, and water-related industries.

  • Fire hoses

    Fire hoses

    From house fires to bush fires, the hose is the most basic implement for fire-fighting. Kuriyama Europe can call on a wealth of expertise earned over long years of experience to produce top-quality, durable fire hoses.

  • Long and large-diameter hoses

    Long and large-diameter hoses

    Kuriyama Europe's large-scale, highly productive factories are equipped with the highly specialized technologies needed to make long and large-diameter hoses. No wonder our durable, high-performance hoses are prized by customers in the mining, shale oil, and gas industries, etc. who need to transport huge volumes of water over long distances.

  • Fire-fighting devices

    Fire-fighting devices

    In addition to fire hoses, Kuriyama Europe offers a range of trademarked original-brand nozzles and other peripheral items, and the company is able to offer value-added products to customers by assembling hoses and accessories. Its high-performance fire-fighting equipment is used on the front lines by many fire crews.

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