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Construction Materials

Materials for Harbor/Port Structures and Civil Engineering

Business Description: Delivery and application of water sealing materials for a harbor, port, park and other piblic facilities.

Business Function: Design, Procurement, Application, Sales and Maintenance.

Main Products: Fender materials, bollards, joint sealer for caissons, rubber-flexible joints, water sealing materials, and resin concret products.

  • Fender Materials, Bollards

    Fender Materials, Bollards

    We deal with various type of fender materials for protecting ports, fishing harbors and piers as well as bollards for mooring of ships.

  • 	Joint Sealer for Caissons(Kuriyama original brand SATOMELE)

    Joint Sealer for Caissons

    The "SATOMELE", which is Kuriyama original brand, is a caulking material for gravity retaining type block such as caissons that are used at reclamation work in order to prevent the sand leakage. It can be constructed on land and has powerful corrosion resistance. Moreover, the swelling power when water-expanding inner layer of the product absorbs water boosts holding power and sealing performance, and it creates a great stability of resistance of wave and soil pressure.

  • Rubber Flexible Joints

    Rubber Flexible Joints

    The product is used to absorb expansion & contraction and uneven settlement between pipeline and equipments. We have a full line of products depending on types of pipes.

  • Water Intercepting(Kuriyama original brand "AQUAQUELL SEALER" )

    Water Intercepting

    Kuriyama original brand,"AQUAQUELL SEALER" is used in shield tunneling construction as sealing materials for intercepting water. The product has gained high reputations for its performance, and we have many records of use. We meet various demands by providing wide range of sizes and adjusting the rate of water absorbing expanding for different applications and conditions.

  • Resin Concrete Products

    Resin Concrete Products

    Our resin concrete pipes and resin manholes with required conditions for sewer use such as corrosion resistance, high intensity and superior flow characteristics provide a great effect on creating comfortable environments.

  • Water Intercepting Sheet

    Water Intercepting Sheet

    We provide with "human & environment friendly" water intercepting system for farm ponds, waste disposal sites, golf course ponds, waterway, etc.

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