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Construction Materials

Materials for Roads and Bridges

Business Description: Delivery and application of various kinds of equipment and materials including quake absorbing products used for roads, bridges and other related-infrastructure.

Business Function: Design, procurement, application, sales and maintenance.

Main Products:Rubber bearings, bridge support machanism, expansion rubber joints, and molded packing (as sealing materials)

  • Rubber Bearing Pad, Bridge Support Mechanism

    Rubber Bearing Pad, Bridge Support Mechanism

    We have numbers of experiences of providing with bearings such as high-flexibility D.S.F. pad, seismic isolation rubber bearing (LRB), horizontal force distributing shoe and sliding bearing pad. We also provide with connection-type bridge support system using safe and secure steel cable.

  • Expansion Rubber Joints

    Expansion Rubber Joints

    We deal with a variety of bridge expansion joints such as high durability and water-proof type and seamless-looking inner type joints. We respond to every situation by offering the most suitable items.

  • Molded Packing

    Molded Packing

    The "MORTOMELE", which is Kuriyama original brand, is a molded packing that is used as sealing product for connecting girders and precast bridge floor concrete. The packing absorbs the sharing force generated during construction and prevents the leakage from the joint line of concrete as the product is compressed. We provide with a variety of specifications based on construction structures and methods.

  • Eco Safety Exterior Mbraille

    Braille Tile

    The various Braille tiles improve the welfare of people who are visually impaired and meet the demands of the market. We deal with plastic, rubber, and porcelain tile products. High-quality products with superior strength and abrasion resistance support a long-term human safety.
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